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It might be a small player compared to the big corporates, but Industrial Electrical Supplies (Canterbury) Ltd is an undisputed electrical force in Canterbury and intends to be sparking for years to come.

Rex Gillam and Mark Brown, founded IES 20 years ago, after previously working for Electrico.  When Mark departed six years later, Rex’s brother Mark Gillam became a director.

Electrical Wholesaler

In fact, 60 top customers and their partners were rewarded in September with a trip to Vietnam to celebrate IES’s 20th birthday.

“We recognise that without our customers, and without the knowledge and experience of our staff, our business would not be operating as well as it does. This was simply a way of saying ‘thankyou’, and it was a great success,” says Rob Hart, who joined IES in May 2006.

With careful planning, and attention to developing business plans, the company has flourished. We’ve also had some great advice from Leech and Partners on tax matters, and help from their experts has meant we’ve been able to effect smooth share transfers. Just having that professional advice has been invaluable and has helped put us in a sound position for the future.

“Our goals are to be around in another 20 years and to make sure that locally-owned businesses such as ours, don’t get bullied by the large corporate firms” says Rob.

Optimism is high at IES Canterbury and the firm hopes early next year to have a new bulk storage building constructed.

Given the world financial situation, IES accepts realistically that growth in its market may slow down, but it considers its diverse customer base to be a real strength.

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